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2014 Gift Guide: For the Kiddos

1. Interactive Storybooks [$14.95 - $59.95] What is better than giving a child the gift of reading for Christmas? Not only are these stories adorable, but they are interactive which means you and your child will have fun together building stories and encouraging the imagination! Titles include:

"Tickle Monster" (Includes the book and Tickle Mitts!) "Boogie Monster" Dance Kit (Includes book and Dancing Leg Warmers!) "And Then...Story Starters" "Story Lines" (Grandma is a Superhero; Dad Can Do Anything; Rainbow Kitty Saves the Day)

2. Cute & Cuddly Bathtime Essentials [$14.95 - $49.95] Our precious hooded bath towels and toys make a special gift for baby! Featuring cute designs, you can keep baby cozy and dry in this soft and plush baby bath wrap. Rubber duckies, and other bath toy packs will make a believer out of even the most hesitant little bather! 3. TOYS! [$9.95 - $39.95] Well, toys may be a no-brainer for the recipient, but its also important for us that we offer high quality, durable baby & children toys that will last through the hand me downs! We have adorable plush and knit toys, including little rattles and puppets. 4. Special Keepsakes [$39.95 - $79.95] Maybe the little one is celebrating their first Christmas, and may not understand the whole Santa thing... we think giving a keepsake that Mom & Dad can put away for a later date is a special way of spoiling that new babe. Silver rattles, and keepsake boxes are so classic - and heirloom-worthy!

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