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Dressing your tree top to bottom: Part Three


Over the last couple of years, Tree Toppers have moved away from the traditional single star or angel, to become more of a continuation of the rest of your tree - often unstructured and creative. We have used a lot of picks, and floral, and decorative twigs to top off our trees displayed in the store this year, and really tried to make the design and theme of the individual tree flow to the top, with dramatic effect. For our woodland theme tree for instance, we used feathers of various colours and textures with artificial leaves and greenery to cap it off. We did integrate some stars or bows as toppers for some of the trees, to reflect a more traditional design, but for the most part we just had fun and played around until we were happy with how the trees looked. What we like about this creative approach is that you can collect elements from different places, and styles and experiment with how they work with your tree. If you are stuck, and need a little inspiration, we encourage you to bring in a photo of your in-progress tree, and let us help you complete the look!

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