Dressing your tree top to bottom: Part Two

Next up on our list of tree trends for this holiday season is Theme, and we have such a wide selection of ornaments and decor available in store, we're positive that we have something to suit whatever theme you may have planned! Trending in 2014 1. Woodland Using natural elements within your tree decor isn't exactly a stretch... after all, it is a tree, historically chopped down in a forest and brought home to decorate for the holiday season. But even though it may be a no-brainer, creating a woodland theme tree has certainly been kicked up a notch for 2014 with the use of adorable snowy owls, birds and fox characters; burlap and birch accents; and combining various greenery together. [One of our favourite trees in the Burlington showroom is inspired by this cute are those little faces peeking out of the branches??]

2. Glamour Its no secret that at IDH we love sparkle, so we really enjoyed turning up the glamour on our trees this year using feathers, shimmering ribbons and floral accents. Combining champagne, silver and gold tones, painted silk flowers and these petite birds (wearing rhinestone collars??) we achieved a very elegant and neutral look that will fit in any home.

3. Frosted There is something unexpected about a white (or black) Christmas tree, and it is certainly modern. This year, frosted trees with glass ornaments, snowy characters (polar bears are very popular!) and silver accents are very stylish. We used miniature white toboggans, white pinecones and glittery trimmings to create our interpretation of this trend. Let it snow!

4. Colour A 'red and green' tree may seem traditional, but it is classic and festive and done the right way can be very on trend. We suggest mixing red and/or green ornaments with a contemporary patterned ribbon, and rather than accenting with gold or silver, using white and black to update this look for 2014. We actually swapped out the traditional evergreen tree for a red one! Definitely a bold choice, but it provided a bright background for our white and silver accents and a big dose of the unexpected. We also have trees decorated with purple, teal and apple green ornaments! Have fun... after all, its a part of your decor that is up for a very short time - use your favourite colours, whatever they are. 5. Traditional/Heirloom Though we may not sell your great-grandmothers crystal angels, or the clothespin reindeer your daughter made in 1982, we certainly appreciate the value of a traditional, heirloom tree that showcases the most valuable decorations you could own - ones collected over years and passed down through generations. Bring in a photo of your decorated tree, or even better, some examples of what is thoughtfully hanging on the branches, and we can help you update for 2014 with some modern flair.

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