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Dressing your tree top to bottom: Part One


We can't hold off any longer... time to talk Christmas trees. Of course, we have had our stores decked out since October (we couldn't resist) but we want to let you in on this years' tree trends for your own home, starting from the bottom up! One of our favourite holiday decor items this season is the Tree Collar - which is a modern, clean lined alternative to the traditional tree skirt. These beautiful collars will dress up your tree, and neatly conceal the unattractive stand lurking beneath. Available in silver or gold glitter and gun metal grey finishes, at $129.99 each, we are sure this trend will provide a perfect and affordable back drop for those special packages waiting under your tree on Christmas morning.

Stay tuned to your inbox for more tree trends coming up this week, and our 2014 Gift Guide which will be released on December 1st! Give us the scoop Do you change up the theme of your tree each year, or do you have a collection of heirloom and sentimental ornaments that you show case annually? We would love to hear about your holiday decor traditions on our Facebook page!

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