Pillow Talk

Good news… I see ACTUAL buds blooming on my trees outside. Could it be, that Spring has decided to arrive? It is May 7 after all…..

In other happy news, we are now carrying even more beautiful throw pillows! In particular a new luxury line made from fine materials, ready to brighten up, and revive your living spaces.

Wondering what may make a luxury/premium pillow more expensive? There are many reasons; the fabric itself is a huge component as well as the filling. We like to find unusual, higher end fabrics for some of our custom made cushions and make them larger than standard size. Then we add down filling to create that luxurious soft feeling. The placement of 1 or 2 fabulous toss cushions can add a very special touch to any room. Wonderful cushions are a great design element that can instantly change the overall flavour of your space.

Come into our showrooms and see for yourself the extensive selection of pillows, in a range of prices, we offer.

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