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Go ahead, mix it up!

First off, can I just say how nice it is to have sunshine streaming through our windows! Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day.

I often get asked if mixing woods in a dining or living room is a good idea, because homeowners are bored with the matchy-matchy. My answer: go for it!

In your dining room for instance, a lighter dining table would look great married to a darker wood or even painted buffet. Your chairs could be completely upholstered or upholstered with a wood frame that matches the shade of the table. [TIP: you can have one fabric on the front side of the chair (maybe something a bit more durable), and a totally different fabric on the backside of the chair (maybe something a little fancier, that you wouldn't want spills on)]. You can also add a different element by placing a unique mirrored piece into the mix - so elegant!

The rules for purchasing all matching sets of furniture no longer exist - in any room in your house. Have fun with your design, and if you need some help choosing what works best that's what we're here for! We can find the perfect new pieces that will compliment your existing furniture and give you an updated space without a complete overhaul. And if you are starting fresh, we can help you attain that mix & match look with all new decor.

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