Go ahead, mix it up!

First off, can I just say how nice it is to have sunshine streaming through our windows! Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day.

I often get asked if mixing woods in a dining or living room is a good idea, because homeowners are bored with the matchy-matchy. My answer: go for it!

In your dining room for instance, a lighter dining table would look great married to a darker wood or even painted buffet. Your chairs could be completely upholstered or upholstered with a wood frame that matches the shade of the table. [TIP: you can have one fabric on the front side of the chair (maybe something a bit more durable), and a totally different fabric on the backside of the chair (maybe something a little fancier, that you wouldn't want spills on)]. You can also add a different element by placing a unique mirrored piece into the mix - so elegant!