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Floral Notes

Just like fashion, decorating trends follow the changing times. Today’s diverse market place has opened our minds to combinations of colour, texture and patterns from around the world and we are having more fun with interiors by throwing strips, floral and geometric prints into our accessorizing. Whether you choose a bold style statement or a more muted palette of beige or other neutrals your choices should be a reflection of who you are.

Floral decor in today’s home has become an intricate part of accessorizing. The outside world that so influences our hectic day gives way to a need for calm and serenity in our living environment; a need to get back to nature. Regardless of your interior design style botanically correct permanent florals add the finishing touch to any room in your home, a way to psychologically bring a bit of the outside in.

There are several ways to introduce the emotion of nature into your home through botanically correct permanents. Although your options are as varied as the varieties how you choose to display them is pivotal to the style of your décor. Here are just a couple of ideas and varieties of botanicals that can be adapted to almost any interior.


  • Used in a moss pot, clay pot or basket with roots and foliage exposed it has a whimsical appeal and works well with colourful floral prints.

  • In a contemporary setting you could choose from clear glass, coloured gravels, and sleek ceramic or metal vases to enhance the dynamics of this flower.


  • Wild roses or garden variety roses arranged in a relaxed manner with twigs or branches have a timeless traditional feeling.

  • Commercial style rose varieties used in compact structures take on a more industrial or contemporary look. Add dimension to the structure by rolling aluminum wire or a branch over the top.


  • Whether you decorating lends itself to shades of moss, sage or pure greens you will find a natural grass to enhance your décor.

  • Mixing grass texture and colour adds interest and is suited to most interior.

  • For a more contemporary emotion consider one variety of grass used in a glass or mirror container in a strong cluster or horizontal line.

The key to using botanical permanents in your home is to find what fits for you. We all have our comfort zones and things in nature that remind us of something special: our grandmas garden, a place we visited, the cottage, a colour we love. Look for what communicates the strongest emotion for you, then just sit back and enjoy!


Kathy and her husband co-own Lauderdale Point Marina & Resort Inc. on Sparrow Lake just north of Orillia. The couple lives in Ancaster, and are proud grandparents of eight beautiful grand babies.

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