Freshen up with Florals

Honestly, who doesn't love fresh flowers? From a simple handful of dandelions collected by a charming youngster, to elaborate arrangements for the grandest occasions, they have a way of brightening a room, and making you smile.

A friend recently brought me over a beautiful arrangement of magenta, violet and blue flowers from their garden, and it was displayed on the mantle in my living room where it was admired each time I walked by. Naturally, the bouquet did not last long, and although I'd never considered accenting with pinks before, I just loved how the gorgeous colors went with my existing décor and was inspired to make some little changes.

Of course, nothing beats a fresh arrangement; the colors and fragrance are so lovely. But the downside is how short lived the look is. Hoping to recreate the natural beauty of my friends' bouquet, I worked with our floral designer at IDH and was able to gather some amazing artificial flowers and she created a beautiful arrangement that looks stunning in my space. You would never know it wasn't fresh from my friends' garden! With a few new throw pillows and some glass accessories, I was able to make a big impact without spending a bunch of money redoing an entire room.

Using artificial arrangements to brighten up a space is increasingly popular, and with quality products, visually you wouldn't even be able to tell the difference. This allows you to update the look of your space through the seasons without making huge design changes.

We offer an amazing service at Interior Design House: when you purchase your floral from us, our talented designer will create a stunning arrangement using your new quality silk and dried floral.

Take a look through our online gallery for some inspiration, or if you have a photo of something you like, bring it into the store and our team will help recreate it for you.

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