Breaking the rules: Mix and Match to make the perfect set!

Traditionally, when selecting dining furniture a homeowner would find a table that they liked and buy the matching chairs, buffet and sideboard to go along with it. The same theory applied to the bedroom and all the matching pieces within a suite. The result is a lovely coordinated room with a homeowner who is confident that everything matches perfectly. But it’s 2013 and the time-honored rules for furnishing a home are waiting to be broken.

To break away from the traditional dining look, when purchasing new furniture try mixing and matching different product lines and styles to suit your tastes and lifestyle. If you’re looking to update your current design, you may consider swapping out a couple of your existing dining chairs with upholstered Host and Hostess chairs for either end of the table, or modernize a rustic harvest table with aluminum chairs or a bench. In a more formal setting, adding a hand painted buffet or mirrored sideboard with glass cabinets that can display your china or crystal can provide visual interest as well as functionality.

For the bedroom, there is even more flexibility when it comes to using a variety of materials, textures and styles to create a unique design. Consider using an upholstered headboard with nail head trim and pairing it with mirrored side tables, a sleek lacquered dresser and eclectic accessories and bedding to create an elegant space to start and end your day.

Ultimately the most important element of a design is that it is a reflection of you: your tastes and lifestyle. So, although a conventional matching set is lovely, at Interior Design House, when we design a dining or bed room, we tend to think outside of the box and consider the individuality of the people who will be using it.

We have new one of a kind products arriving daily, and are very good at knowing what blends well together and what pieces work better when in a set. I invite you to come into one of our showrooms where one of our talented designers are always on site to answer questions you may have about mixing styles and guide you through the extensive product we have available. Together we can create a unique design that works for you at an attractive price point.

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