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It's only the middle of August, and you’re probably thinking ‘Marnie! Don’t start with ‘Back to School’ yet – let me enjoy my summer!’ But unfortunately, mid August marks the onset of school preparations: supply shopping (“Yes Mom, I neeeed that 24 pack of yellow highlighters for my first day!”) and for those of you with grown children, perhaps dorm room decorating and coordinating the big MOVE OUT. So much to do before Labour Day and lots of work and summer chaos ahead. But – here’s the bright side: kiddos leaving the nest means available space to decorate in your home!

A childish bedroom can be redesigned as a grown up guest suite by updating with a comfortable new bed and bedding, perhaps adding coordinating window coverings and a fresh coat of paint. Given that the room won't be lived in full time, you can switch out the full sized dresser in favour of a chic chair and side table for a guest to relax.

Another idea is repurposing a bedroom into a home office space, or den. Move out the bedroom furniture (maybe your child took care of that for you!) and bring in a desk, a comfortable chair and even install built-in cabinetry for organized storage. For a den, using ‘condo-sized’ couches can provide comfort without consuming all the space in the room.

Visit one of our showrooms and chat with one of our talented designers about making kid spaces a bit more adult-friendly. You may even be able to pick a couch colour without considering how well it disguises spills and stains :)

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