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Antique Amore

In my home, although much of my décor reflects current style, I have a number of special pieces that (sorry to say) can’t be bought at the store. Amidst the new furniture on my main floor for example, is a family heirloom: an antique dining suite. Not only beautiful, these pieces have history and their sentimental value cannot be estimated.

Some homeowners may not have access to antiques but would still like to incorporate the vintage look somewhere in their home. Just like brass, what is old becomes new again, and for 2013 designs, products that look like antiques such as aged sepia wall art, distressed metal objects and aged accent pieces are prominent.

It is possible to integrate vintage into a modern space, and you need not jam a room full of random antiques to achieve this look. Just be sure to mix old and new using a unified colour or purpose. We are always available to help you should you have any questions about doing so. Come visit one of our showrooms to see our old-meets-new solutions.

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