Going Coastal

During a visit to the Toronto Interior Design Show earlier this year, I was excited to see the presence of coastal inspired products as a prominent accessory trend for 2013. Try not to think kitschy beach house theme décor (palm trees and pineapples)… we saw beautiful, tasteful glass fish and whales, glass shells as well as coral and driftwood accents in metallic finishes.

You can utilize this trend in two ways: bring some seaside style to your city dwelling, or (since were in Ontario) add an elegant touch to your lakeside retreat. One of my favourite items that fit this trend is a stunning metallic driftwood base lamp (pictured below).

If you like the idea of nautical inspired décor, but aren’t ready to commit to fish or shells, consider pieces that are subtly reminiscent of water and the beach, such as a beautiful aquamarine stacked glass lamp (pictured below) or glass and ceramic vases and bowls painted in blues, greens and pearl.

So, how are YOU feeling about this trend – will you embrace or pass on it??

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