Brass, Bronze & Gold...oh my!

I have been asked about bronze, gold and brass finishes and materials a lot recently… and though it may seem like this is a new trend, it really isn’t. If we look at design trends in homes decorated in the 80’s and 90’s, we would see a ton of brass everywhere, including bathroom and kitchen fixtures, occasional furniture, accessories and brass hardware in every direction. This is an example of too much of a good thing (or in the case of the cheap shiny yellow brass we’ve worked hard to remove from our homes over the years, too much of a bad thing!). When we overdo it with a trendy style, we get sick of it and ultimately feel the need to replace everything when something new arrives, costing us unnecessary money.

The things to remember with this trend, and any others, are moderation and quality.

For those of you considering adding these metallic finishes into your home design, keep in mind to do so in subtle, transitional ways, such as an accent piece, lamps or accessories in warm metal tones. Also, consider copper as a warm modern alternative to brass and gold. It is much easier to replace a few items within your décor, than completely overhaul it when the mood strikes. For bigger purchases, or updates to more permanent fixtures within your home, consult a designer for some advice on how and where to apply this trend on a larger scale.

We have examples of metal tones in a variety of different products available in our showrooms or through special order, depending on your needs. A few of my favourites in store right now are pictured here… how gorgeous is that chandelier? Or the simple, yet classic coffee table? These high quality items are still affordable, and would definitely stand the test of time.

Come visit one of our showrooms, and let’s chat about how you can bring brass, bronze or gold into your design. Also, check us out on Pinterest and see some of our staff favourites, and trends we are keeping our eyes on.

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