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Seeing BLUE in 2013

When Andrew and I returned home from the Highpoint Market in October one of the trends that we alerted you to was BLUE as the years’ hot colour. It was everywhere, and hasn’t gone anywhere since.

Such a strong colour, blue provides a ton of different options ranging from a subtle silvery blue suitable for creating serenity in a room, to bright cobalt perfect for injecting energy into a design. Do I recommend rushing out and redoing your rooms in a sea of blue? No. But adding it via accent fabrics and accessories is an excellent way to embrace this trend without overdoing it.

Take a look at our “Seeing Blue in 2013” board on Pinterest to see some examples of what is available, and photos from our trip to Highpoint.

We have an endless number of options for you to incorporate this seasons’ hot colour into your décor – stop in and see for yourself.

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